Skategame development: animation editor

Finally animating with this thing! So a few posts back I mentioned a custom animation manager I made to animate numbers rather than movieclip properties - what I didn’t show was how that information is stored. Take a look at picture #3 (with the green writing on white) and you can see how silly it would be to animate just by writing that out by hand. Which is why I needed an editor.

See the second picture to see how it came out - lots of tracks with keyframes and standard stuff. This editor was also made in Flash, and the three little robot guys at the top (one normal, one nollie, one switch) move around depending on what was animated and where the playhead is. You can select and drag multiple frames, copy and paste, undo and redo and such. Definitely needed an undo/redo stack in there. Once you’re done, it saves all the changes back into that big lump of text in picture #3, ready for the game to use.

And yeah, picture #1 is the first bit of animation for this guy. Ollie ollie ollie. Now, to map out all the flip tricks / grabs / grinds…